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Career Fair January 2019 – Success is Not Linear

The WIC Foundation hosted a Career Fair at WIC for students on Thursday, January 31st.

Five distinguished alumni were invited to come to campus to talk about their careers. The theme was “Success is not Linear”. 

Students in Secondary IV and V had the honour of listening to some incredible words of wisdom. On behalf of the entire WIC community, we wish to thank our alumni for their time and for sharing their inspiring stories. 

Thank you to our guest speakers:

Marc-Anthony Palacios-Castellana, 2014, Digital Marketer & Millennial Entrepreneur

Gabby Musacchio, 2010, MA Journalism (Harvard ), Advisor at the Mirella & Lino Saputo Foundation

Greg Amiel, 2009, Coordinator, Community Events, Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group

Marlee Rabin, 2007, Founder & CEO of OCU/RENT

Chris Vienneau, 1990, Director of Media and Entertainment at Autodesk