Two schools under the same roof

WIC is two schools under the same roof:  an entirely French school and an English school with a French immersion program, which seamlessly co-exist to offer the ultimate bilingual experience.  If your child does not have eligibility for English studies, he/she can apply to our French School.

If he/she does hold eligibility, the choice is yours!  Both our English and French schools offer an enriched curriculum and mother tongue language courses in a bilingual environment.

Above and Beyond

French or English school, both are enriched.

An enriched class at WIC means that teachers build excitement and engage each student by providing real-world applications to the subject being taught and by combining best practices for technology-enhanced teaching and active learning.

In the English school, Math, Science and Ethics are taught in English. The remaining courses are in French. They include: géographie, histoire, musique, arts plastiques, éducation physique and français. We are able to provide Mother Tongue French or Langue Seconde Enrichie (depending on the child’s placement.) Students in the English school must possess a Certificate of Eligibility for English studies.

In the French school, all subjects are taught in French, with the exception of English, which is taught as an enriched, mother-tongue course. The French instruction is Français langue maternelle.