50th Anniversary

Join us in celebrating 50 incredible years at West Island College! We are delighted to present our special anniversary logo and the inspiring slogan, “Together towards the future”. This occasion honours our journey of growth, achievement, and the strong bonds within our community. Please see our official anniversary video below to discover our vision for the upcoming celebrations

Launching our Anniversary Year

Wic – 50 years and counting

West Island College was founded on January 4th, 1974, by Mr. Terry Davies, a passionate educator with a Master’s in French Language and Literature from McGill University. He envisioned a bilingual school that provided a supportive environment for students transitioning into high school. Leasing a building at 15 Cartier Avenue, Mr. Davies welcomed the first cohort of 40 Sec. 1 students. Guided by the motto ‘Praestantiam Consectemur‘—”The pursuit of excellence”‘—he and his community embarked on a mission to help thousands of students become well-rounded citizens of the world. Mr. Davies served as headmaster for five years and then as President of West Island College schools for many years.

Today, WIC is an non-profit organization and independent school with an inclusive structure, housing two distinct schools under one roof: a French school and an English school with a French immersion program. The school has a commitment to personal excellence, encouraging students to reach their full potential, discover new passions and achieve their goals both inside and outside the classroom.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we reflect with pride on our journey and eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead. Throughout the year, this page will feature special content highlighting our events, alums, teachers, staff, students, and more. Join us in celebrating our achievements as we move forward, together towards the future.

What to Expect in 2024-2025


50 Years of Stories

Read some inspiring and memorable moments lived by alums, parents and staff members.

Patrice Nantel, WIC Teacher since 1992

One of the greatest memories I had happened on outdoor ed. We were on a hiking trip to Mount Marcy at the end of October. When we woke up in the morning in our lean-to shelter, there was snow on the ground… It was the morning of the big 8-hour hike. We prepared as planned, layering clothes according to the weather (rain, snow, and cold).

Fortunately, I had insisted that each student bring a headlamp. So, 12 students and I set out on this trek.

The hike was VERY demanding: ice had formed in several places, and the terrain was slippery. It ended up lasting 12 hours! The resilience, determination, and collective efforts of everyone allowed each person to surpass themselves. The students learned great lessons in humility in the face of nature and the importance of being well-prepared for such an adventure. I have never been prouder of a group of students than during this memorable challenge.

Elana Richter, WIC Alum and Accounting Officer

As we approach convocation for the grads of 2024, I remember my own graduation quite well. The white and green caps and gowns, the nervous energy, and of course the bagpipe procession. That hasn’t changed, but a lot has. The gym is now the cafeteria. The school building was essentially the junior school. The school population was about 250. Our teachers were hippies and new age thinkers. We wrote 500 word essays (by hand) weekly. Our uniforms were dark green tunics. Even though our parents signed the contracts, the students had to sign a pledge that we would do everything in our power to practice and speak French while we were at WIC. A pledge I took very seriously and has made it possible for me to parler francais to this day.

What has stayed the same? The experiential education and the field trips, the snow quinzees, the New York City trip, the trips to museums and theatres. The homework (in particular the volume) and students that excel in their studies. What has also stayed the same is the staff’s dedication to our students and school that I am proud to be a small part of.

I never dreamed that I would work at/for my Alma Mater, but here I am 13 years and counting or is that Accounting?

50th Anniversary News

Discover our news stories related to our 50th anniversary!

We are very happy to announce that we launched some 50th anniversary merchandise during our Friday Night Live fundraising event!

If you are interested in it, contact our WIC Foundation team at [email protected]