WIC Foundation Board of Directors

WIC Foundation

Over the last 40 years, WIC families, alumni and corporate donors have made donations to WIC through annual appeals that have shaped the student experience by providing state-of-the-art learning tools and facilities and making WIC more accessible to all families through financial aid and scholarships.

The WIC Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, a dedicated group of volunteers composed of parents, staff and alumni which operates at arm’s length from the College’s Board. The WIC Foundation’s mission is to foster a culture of engagement from the WIC community – parents, grandparents, alumni, students, staff and friends, leading to financial support for WIC.

Inspire our students
Empower our graduates

The WIC Difference

The WIC difference is more than simply the programs that we offer, it is how we deliver them. Our dedicated teachers have the tools and skills to ensure each student reaches his/her full potential. Our mission is to promote a healthy, engaging, bilingual community in which each student thrives and is empowered to discover and pursue their own path forward. The Annual Fund is what enables our school to go Above and Beyond.

Bridging the Gap

The Annual Fund bridges the gap between where tuition ends and where the WIC experience begins. Fees do not cover the full cost to educate each student.

Financial aid

Provides students with scholarships and financial aid so that anyone who dreams of studying at WIC can be given that opportunity.

Campus upgrades

Provides spaces that are inspiring, spark creativity and meet the learning needs of the students, keep students engaged, focused, and more relaxed.

Unrestricted gifts

Enable the school to respond quickly to future unforeseen needs. In 2020, unrestricted gifts were critical in implementing safety measures in response to COVID.

WIC Foundation Board of Directors 2023-24


WIC Foundation president, parent. executive vice-president, Ashfield Healthcare Canada inc.


WIC Foundation vice-president. parent. psychologist


wIC foundation treasurer, parent, vP, business development, sales & marketing, ropack pharma solutions


Head of School




parent, design studio manager, sajo inc.


toronto branch rep, ‎managing director, clinical operations, ‎stiris research inc.


co-founder & director of sports medicine and performance at dynamix

Derek Linetsky (’98)

Executive Director Advancement, WIC


MBA, FCSI, CEO and portfolio manager at highgate family office