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WIC Gets a Little Greener in 2015

The WIC environmental club, the Green Warriors, have made it their mission to introduce environmentally
responsible practices whenever possible. This year alone, their projects have included Fundraising to
adopt a baby black bear at the Eco museum, recycling/collecting spent batteries and the winter clothing

Now in January, we are proud to inform you that our cafeteria caterer, Phoenix Group, will no longer be
using disposable plastic utensils in the WIC cafeteria. Instead, students will be using stainless steel
cutlery on a daily basis.

The new utensils are the washed twice at an extremely high temperature, sanitized and rinsed in an
industrial dishwasher to ensure proper sterilization.
This new initiative will eliminate the disposal of over 150,000 plastic utensils annually!
The Green Warriors introduced this new initiative to students at an assembly held in December.

Thank you to the Green Warriors for your commitment to making WIC a greener place and to Alex
Morselli and the staff of Phoenix Group for making it all possible!