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Me to We at WIC

December 11 2014, cheap MeToWe had their first fundraiser. To a huge success, cheap 100 bags of Kernels Popcorn were sold and 6 goats were bought! These goats are given to Kenyan families which provide them a source of nutritious milk and a sustainable income. It opens a world of possibilities for a family. Throughout the year, sovaldi Rafiki chains will be sold and the first order has already been shipped in! A Rafiki chain is a bracelet that is hand crafted by Massai Mamas in Kenya. Earnings from each chain empower these Mamas to support their families and become leaders in their communities. From school supplies, to clean water, medical care; proceeds from each $10 chain make a lasting impact. Also, as the school year continues, there will be several other fundraisers such as an all girls’ slumber party April 17, a mimic water walk later in spring, We Are Silent Day and more to come!

Thank you for all the support.

Chloe & Erika