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Creating the Future: Marc Cathcart’s Message to WIC’s Class of 2023

On June 19, 2023, WIC had the pleasure of welcoming Marc Cathcart ‘93 to deliver the graduation speech to the class of 2023. It was an exciting night for our graduates and their families, and Marc provided the perfect balance of humour, wisdom and advice as a fellow WIC grad himself. 

Marc reminded the students that he was in their exact same shoes at his graduation 30 years ago. He encouraged them to believe in themselves, and emphasized that each one of them possessed unique talents, abilities and passions. An important message to those about to embark on a new journey, who may be filled with confusion and self-doubt. 

Marc spoke about the importance of failure as a learning experience. He told a funny tale about taking risks on an early business endeavor. He started a business with friends while in Cegep delivering milk, bread, beer and wine from a local depanneur to the residents of the West Island. And just for fun, they decided to also offer chicken wings that they would cook in their parents’ garage.   

Little did they know at the time that one needs a special alcohol delivery license to start such a venture. After five police officers executed a search warrant at Marc’s parent’s home, and a $2,000 fine was paid, he and his friends learned a very valuable lesson – don’t be afraid to try. 

“Give it your best shot and take chances in life. It’s how we learn and get better. And in my case, this experience taught me to do my research and understand the law.” 

Marc encouraged students to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, and always remember that they have the power to create the future they envision. He saw the next generation of leaders, innovators, and changemakers while speaking to our graduates, and was filled with hope for the future. 

Thank you to Marc for sharing his experiences with the class of 2023, their families and WIC faculty and staff. It was a memorable evening for all. 

Marc is the President of Pure Treats Inc., a leading pet nutrition company focused on making natural and pure dog and cat treats, food and toppers. He lives in Hudson, Quebec with his wife and two children.