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WIC Founder Terry Davies & Astronaut Dr. Dave Williams: Inspiring Students To Shoot For The Stars

West Island College (WIC) values personal excellence, a passion for knowledge, and fundamental values that empower students to succeed. Perseverance, respect, innovation, community, and citizenship are part of the values promoted, and the school strives to instill these values in their students. WIC believes that these values are essential for success in the ever-challenging environment of today and tomorrow. 

A recent visit from two exceptional individuals, astronaut Dr. Dave Williams and WIC Founder Terry Davies, was a testament to these values, as they shared their personal experiences and insights on the importance of hard work, meaningful human connections, and embracing diversity. Their visit was a special treat for WIC students, who were eager to learn from their experiences.

Dr. Williams, a record-breaking astronaut, mesmerized the young audience with his presentation on space exploration. He shared his personal journey, emphasizing that his success was not due to exceptional intelligence but to hard work and curiosity. Dr. Williams completed two space missions, logged over 687 hours in space, and established the record for the most spacewalks by a Canadian astronaut. However, he revealed that his biggest journey has been his inward journey, exploring what gives his life meaning.

Dr. Williams has saved many lives during his time as a physician, and he remarked that his greatest impact has been through the meaningful human connections with his patients. He emphasized the importance of nurturing relationships and appreciating the people who care about you. His emotional intelligence and vision for the future, where humans will be living on Mars, inspired the students to dream big and work hard to achieve their goals.

Terry Davies, the founder of WIC, also shared his experiences and recounted the challenges he faced in establishing WIC, a school that values diversity and excellence in education. He encouraged the students to embrace diversity and to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives.

Both Dr. Williams and Mr. Davies engaged in a thought-provoking exchange with students, emphasizing the importance of passion, hard work, and meaningful human connections. Dr. Williams encouraged the students to find their passion and focus on the work necessary to achieve their dreams, while Terry Davies emphasized the importance of a supportive community in achieving success.

Their visit on campus was truly inspiring, and their messages are relevant not only to students but also to parents. As parents, we want to inspire and guide our children to become the best versions of themselves. Dr. Williams and Terry Davies embody the values and spirit of true leaders, and their experiences and insights offer valuable lessons for students and parents alike.