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Starting a Business 101

Students in the Secondary 5 options courses of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneuriat this year were challenged to an experiential learning project during term 2. In this project, students had to create a business for the WIC community. They had to use the entrepreneurial process to create, develop, and propose a café-style business here at WIC. 

Students were placed into groups based on the 4 categories of work to be produced for their business:

  • Product – creation of the product and/or what products will be offered; 

  • Marketing (including logo design & slogan), menu design and kiosk;

  • Service, sales and surveys; 

  • Accounting, inventory, purchasing and pricing. 


The students were very creative and here are the 5 Cafés that were developed:

Each café had to sell their menus and homemade products for two days after school. The term ended with a big Battle of the Cafés where all five cafés were selling together in the courtyard. Students learned how to manage their budget and figure out how much product they needed. Being an experiential learning project, we also showed the students the importance of how businesses are big supporters of the greater community as well. Each café group then donated their profits to a local charity.

We are pleased to report that each café donated $330 to the following local organizations: Rosie Animal Adoption, Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal, West Island Mission, SPCA Montreal and the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

What a fabulous hands-on learning experience!