WIC News

Amazing educational resources

Did you know that West Island College has two easy-to-use educational resources available to students, accessible both from home and on campus?

1. Eureka: An efficient research tool that provides access to millions of daily updated documents as well as decades of archives. It is a powerful research tool that quickly finds articles in a multitude of fields including geography, history, economics, politics, environment, health, art and culture, etc. via a user-friendly and bilingual interface.

To access, students must:

  1. log onto their COBA account

  2. click on the “links” tab on the home page. They will be directed automatically to Eureka.


2. Overdrive (Sora): OverDrive is a service that allows you to borrow digital content (eg eBooks and audiobooks) anytime, anywhere. Each OverDrive collection is chosen according to our clientele and there are books in both French and English.

To access:

  1. go to the home page of any google site for French or English teachers

  2. click on the Overdrive link

  3. enter student COBA username to access the Overdrive Sora virtual library