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Impressive Win at the 19th Annual CRC Robotics Competition – February 13 to 15, 2020

West Island College and its Robotics Team participated in the 19th Annual CRC Robotics Competition, Flip 2020, which took place at Vanier College this year from February 13 to 15. Hundreds of students from 26 Canadian high schools and colleges participated and displayed their mastery of robotics, game strategy and the production of a working robot. But that was only one portion of the challenge. The CRC Robotics Competition also aims to recognize and award teams in other components, such as bilingual video production and website, kiosk, programming, robot construction and design, and sportsmanship. CRC Robotics organizers emphasize that such components challenge the students’ creativity and proficiency in the digital realm and allow them to innovate and learn how to be the leaders of tomorrow.  On this note, there was good news for the “WIC” leaders of tomorrow.  After months of hard work and preparation, our students paid homage to Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame with their unique display and working robots. Their efforts paid off as they brought home 1st place for kiosk design and construction plus 2nd place for robot design. Congratulations to Adrien da S., Alexi D., Ally K., Avi A., Michael B., Cassidy M., Emma S., Hailey T., Joseph D., Jonny  H., Lauryn B., Luca D., Michael P., Randall L., Sam R., Samuele D.  They were given the opportunity to wear their robotics t-shirt all week following the competition. It was a well-deserved show of pride! Special mention and a big thank you to the volunteer alumni who helped out, Mr. Al Hilli and Mr. Abravanel for their support, guidance and mentorship leading up to and during the entire Robotics Competition. We even made an appearance on City News, featuring our very own Robotics participant and student Michael B.

For details and videos on this exciting event visit:

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