WIC News

Orientation Day 2019

Orientation Day on Monday, August 26th was an exciting day for all of us!

Our Student Leaders lined up outside the front entrance to greet the class of 2024. Fears of transitioning to high school were alleviated by pairing the new students with student leaders who took small groups on school tours to
familiarize them to their new home for the next five years. After a short assembly led by our Headmaster Mr. LaFrance and Mme Simard, the students were introduced to their teachers.

Students were then divided into groups for ice-breaker activities and games. Combination locks and lockers were assigned before recess but not before they mastered opening the locks.

Mr. Marsolais gave a quick class on how to organize your locker. Students were introduced to the cafeteria staff and how the lunch period, recess and lunch cards work. Our cafeteria is excellent! There are always a lot of healthy and tasty selections. The menu is posted weekly in the Au Courant online under the Cafeteria link.

After the lunch break, the students were broken into their houses (Davies, Grant and Martin) and they learnt about the upcoming ECA (Extra-curricular activities) fair, school rules, and the outdoor education trip that will take place up north September 10th and 11th.

The day concluded with a group photograph in the courtyard. Students left for home much more familiar with their new school and anticipating Tuesday’s classes, a lot more students in the halls and a special BBQ lunch.

Have a great year!