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ECA Fair 2019

This Wednesday during the junior lunch period, secondary I and II students were invited to visit the school gym where the extracurricular activity fair was taking place. We encourage and celebrate student involvement at every level. Offered before school, during lunch time or after school throughout the week and occasionally on weekends, extracurricular activities (E.C.A.’s) complement the school’s pedagogy in helping each child realize his/her potential.

With over 40 activities, clubs, and committees available to the student body, this means that students at WIC are able to participate in several activities throughout the year. E.C.A.’s provide students with an excellent opportunity and outlet to pursue special interests, develop new talents, and foster leadership potential.

The school’s list of E.C.A.’s reflects the interest of the students in a variety of domains including athletics, the sciences and the arts.

Athletics : Clubs & Comités:
Golf (all levels; term 1) House Council (level 1-5; term 1-4)
XC running (all levels; term1) Leadership Club (level 1-5; term 1-4)
Soccer (BG, BB, Sr. girls, Sr. Boys; term 1) Debating (level 1-5; terms 1-4)
Volleyball (BG, BB, JG, Sr. girls, Sr. boys; term 1) Grad Committee (level 5; terms 1-4)
Touch football (JB; term 1) Theatre (level 1-5; terms 1-3)
Basketball (BG, MG, BB, MB, Sr. girls, Sr. boys; terms 2&3) Yearbook (level 1-5; terms 1-4)
Hockey (Jr/Sr terms 2&3) De Week en WIC (level 1-5; terms 1-4)
Badminton (all levels; terms 3) Warriors verts (level 1-5; terms 1-4)
Halo Run (all levels; term 4) Band (level 1-5; terms 1-4)
Flag football (BG, Sr. girls; term 4) Interact (level 1-5; terms 1-4)
Rugby (BB, MB; Sr. boys term 4) Art Club (level 1-5; terms 1-4)
Track & Field (all levels; term 4) Variety Show (level 1-5; terms 1-2)
Tennis (all levels; term 4) Ski Club (level 1-5; terms 3)
House league (all levels; term 1-4) Cooking Club (level 3-5; TBC)
WICAA (all levels; term 1-4) Photography (level 1-5; terms 1-4)
Swimming (all levels; term 3) Improv (level 1-3; terms 1-4)
  Ping Pong (level 1-5; terms 2 & 3)
  WIAIH (level 1-5; terms 4)
  Book Club (level 1-5; terms 1-4)
  Robotics (level 1-5; terms 1-3)
  Board Games Club (TBC)
  Game Club (level 1-5; TBC)
  Dance (level 1-5; terms 1-4)
  Running Club (level 1-5; terms 4)
  Vocal Assemble (level 1-5; terms 1-2)

View the ECA Calendar here