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Annual Bicycle Collection Drive – Saturday May 14, 2016

Have a bicycle stashed away in your garage, cialis basement or on the balcony?

Club Interact and Cyclo Nord-Sud combine efforts with a Bicycle Collection Drive at West Island College on Saturday May 14 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

In the South, cure a bike can serve from five to ten people for over 20 years.  in addition to its buyer, including the immediate family, cousins, neighbours …

In the South, a bicycle is transportation for work, school, or the market (to sell farm products). Micro-businesses become viable, offering taxi or delivery services, or shuttles to health care services.

Mobility is crucial to people in the South. It enables them to improve their personal productivity. This can make the difference between poverty and a decent standard of living.

Get your bike moving south!  Find out more about this worthy cause at www.cyclenordsud.org.

Any questions?  Contact Cindy Segal at (514) 683-4660.