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Norway Trip 2024: A Wonderful Experience

Before I leave you with an amazing summary of our time in Norway over the March break written by Mme Vigneault, I want to say thank you to the staff members who accompanied 27 students on the adventure of a lifetime. Thank you Mr. Nantel, Ms. Johnson et Mme. Vigneault for joining me on this outing and ensuring the safety and well being of our students. Your kindness was felt by all and I know that we have strengthened our relationships with these 27 students. Thank you again colleagues, and to the community, happy reading!

– Mr. Patrick Fequet, Senior Coordinator Experiential Programming

Summary of Our Norway Trip

On February 28, a group of Secondary 4 and 5 students and 4 accompanying teachers set off for an exceptional and unforgettable experience in Norway. Led by the confident leadership of Mr. Fequet and the humanism of our guide Mario Anaya, the atmosphere was one of open camaraderie.

The adventure was grandiose: from meandering forests to majestic fjords to enchanting cities, we encountered Scandinavian culture with openness, curiosity and enthusiasm.

A variety of typical activities awaited us to enhance our stay and give us an authentic experience. Endless miles of cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, downhill skiing and hiking gave us the chance to see the wilderness and endless panoramas. As we hiked the Saboteurs trail, we heard a fascinating account from our guide John about the Norwegian resistance in the Second World War, told to him by one of the Saboteurs himself.

In Bergen, the lights of the night promised us a city out of the ordinary. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its architecture, made up of rectangular wooden houses in cheerful colors, delighted the students.

Another highlight of this trip is the journey from Flåm to Myrdal. Sailing first on the Nærøyfjord, admiring the villages nestled deep in the mountains, then crossing the country in a picturesque train between valleys, mountains, waterfalls and small country villages made up of red houses or Swiss chalet-style wooden houses, the return journey to Oslo was a delight for the eyes.

Other, more relaxing activities, such as the sauna followed by a swim in the icy waters, and the bonfire on the shore under the stars in Voss, gave our Voyageurs a little rest.

This was an exceptional trip, thanks to the positive spirit of the group and the splendor of the Norwegian wilderness. We wish our Voyageurs who will soon be discovering Italy an equally rich and grandiose experience!

– Mme Vigneault, French Teacher