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Giving Thanks and Paying it Forward


As a school, we have so much to be thankful for given our extraordinary accomplishments in the last 18 months. This has only been possible because of our care for and connection to each other. Our lives have been enriched by our interdependence. Now more than ever, the key WIC values matter. Community, citizenship, and respect: our individual actions matter greatly to and for the health, safety, and well-being of others.

One of WIC’s core values is Citizenship. We believe that each individual has a duty to make a meaningful contribution to the local and global community. Community service is an important component of the WIC curriculum and provides all students with the opportunity to volunteer their time in an organization that aligns with their interests and passions. The experience is extremely rewarding to students in many ways; it helps build self-esteem through achievement, boosts social and emotional well-being, provides valuable networking opportunities, and instills a sense of pride from making a positive impact in the community.

These past 2 weeks, we celebrated students who went above and beyond in giving their time to lend a hand within the community. We are so proud of our 78 students for doubling the community service hours during the last academic year (photo: Award recipients from Sec. 2 in 2020-21 stopped for a photo with our Head of School, Eric Jabal, and Level Director Sec 1 and 2 students, Émilie Simard)

With Thanksgiving this weekend, we wanted to take a moment to reflect and be grateful. How might we pay it forward? Being positive, finding the best in others, and taking kind actions for the good of others are part of being a good human being.

This month, WIC students are giving back to the community. We are thrilled to bring back our annual JDRF Walk for the Cure. Our entire campus will walk together on October 19 to raise important funds for research into a cure for Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. This year marks our 20th anniversary partnership with JDRF Canada. Over the last 19 years, our school has raised just over $502,000!

Our students have already stepped up to the challenge and have been busy raising funds through the JDRF website. There are fun House challenges as well as individual challenges. Each student is asked to raise a minimum of $40. If you have not yet received your invitation to make a donation, please visit the siteand contribute today!

Thank you for encouraging our students to get involved in the community and taking action.