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Debate Club Prepares Alumni for Career in Law


On May 27th, Matthew Meland, B.A., LL.B., J.D., who graduated from WIC in 2009, graciously came to speak with Mrs. Grivas’s English class, 5C about how WIC and being a member of the Debating Club prepared him for his career in law and he also made a connection with their class novel, The Alchemist. Matthew inspired the class with his journey and how he turned his obstacles into challenges. He also shared his passion for lawyering and encouraged the grads to follow their dreams. Thank you Matthew for giving back to the WIC community!

In Matthew’s words:

“Hands down, the best training I received early on was from your debating club. It taught me how to think fast on my feet and trust my gut, which is essential in the courtroom. I count myself fortunate to truly love what I do, be it pleading in court or drafting letters or contracts. People often don’t think of it that way, but lawyers are actually some of the most prolific writers from a career standpoint as we are constantly either drafting letters, contracts, or proceedings.”