WIC News

Halo Road Race

May 14, 2021

The Halo Road Race is fast approaching and all Secondary 1, 2, and 3 students will be participating and competing next week on the WIC field during their Physical Education classes!

Running schedule:

  • Monday, May 17th – Secondary 3 (4 kilometers)
  • Tuesday, May 18th – Secondary 1 (2 kilometers)
  • Wednesday, May 19th – Secondary 2 (2 kilometers)

We highly recommend that you download the STRAVA app to track your run on race day and accumulate some points for your HOUSE!

Please remember to hydrate well the night before and the morning of so that your muscles are ready to run! You should also have a water bottle with you for the race. Make sure to have eaten something healthy and that will give you some energy before the run!

Some foods to consider:

  • Fruits (specifically bananas)
  • Favourable carbohydrates (oatmeal or anything whole grain)
  • Proteins (eggs and poultry are ideally – or any bean and lentil)
  • Electrolytes are also a great source of hydration and muscle rebuilding!

The PE department is looking forward to this fantastic week of running and fun!