WIC News

Risks of social media and helpful tips

September 2020

We want to take this opportunity to remind all families within our community of WIC’s continued pursuit to help our students develop into well rounded and global citizens.  In light of the new normal we find ourselves with online learning at the forefront of many academic institutions, and the popularity of social media platforms for students and adults alike, we recognize now more than ever that teachable moments are upon us within the WIC community. 


While use of technology can be quite attractive and effective as a way to communicate an idea, it also has the potential to carry with it miscommunication and harm.  Tone of voice can be lost in a text, words misinterpreted, or perceptions unintended.  We remind you of our digital media pledge, where we highlight the proper use of our devices, and the respect we must maintain for others, just as we would if speaking face to face.  


We are aware of a recent event taking place on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Tik Tok, where someone posted their video, leaving many viewers traumatized, shocked, and upset.  Let this be an example we can use to teach our students, and you as parents with your children at home, about the risks that can come from social media. 


We encourage you to speak to your children about the proper use of social media and texting.  If interested, please visit this website for more information on safe use of the multitude of online media platforms. 

Mrs. Morse
Guidance Counsellor