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Proud Moment for WIC’s Photography Club – April and May 2020

In spite of the confinement situation, members of M. Marsolais’ photography club participated in the annual provincial photo contest of the QAHN.  Six of M. Marsolais’ students took on the challenge which consisted of taking a significant picture and writing a text to tell the meaning behind it.  The judging was on both the picture and text.
Even though this year the participation level across the province was probably a fraction of what it usually is, M. Marsolais is still extremely proud to announce that WIC’s photography club won the top three spots, which respectively come with a $200, $150 and $100 prize!  The judges were impressed by all the entries from our school.
Here are the winners :
1st Prize: Brooke Sitcoff – “Some Traditions Never Change” – $200 prize
2nd Prize: Keira Gagliardi – “To Walk in His Shoes” – $150 prize
3rd Prize: Keira Morcos – “Reflection” – $100 prize

1st Prize: Brooke Sitcoff – Sec. 4
$200 Prize
Some Traditions Never Change

2nd Prize: Keira Gagliardi – Sec. 5
$150 Prize
To Walk in His Shoes

3rd Prize: Keira Morcos
$100 Prize


Special mention as well to all the other participants: Deanna F. (Mangiamo and Kindness), Kahlyn L. (A Long Lasting Tradition and A Legacy of Giving), and Edwin L. (Happiness, Prosperity, Wealth All in a Box).

Deanna F. (Mangiamo and Kindness) – Sec. 3

Kahlyn L. (A Long Lasting Tradition and A Legacy of Giving) – Sec. 3

Edwin L. (Happiness, Prosperity, Wealth All in a Box) – Sec. 1