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Exceptional Projects and Unique Ideas Showcased at WIC’s Science Fair – February 5, 2020

West Island College has seen another year of exceptional projects and unique ideas showcased at this year’s science fair on February 5, 2020.  The science department would like to congratulate all of the participants for their incredible and thought-provoking presentations.  Students in grade eight were instructed to conduct experimentally themed projects, using the scientific method in exploring many different topics ranging from acne bacteria to seasonal water pH. The grade nine students who worked under the design theme, formulated and produced many different technological objects ranging from a sophisticated crib to an Arduino senso/indicator for individuals affected by dementia.  Using bristol boards, students were able to immerse art into science, generating a creative medium through which they were instructed to prepare an oral presentation to communicate to the judges as well as to the public. Their enthusiasm and keen interest when summarizing their science projects was very inspiring to witness.

WIC would like to wish the best of luck to all the Secondary III winners of the gold, silver and bronze medals as well as the honourable mentions, who will be participating in the Hydro-Quebec sponsored Montreal Regional Science fair held at Vanier College from February 13 to 15.  

Finally,  we would like to thank our parent and alumni volunteers as well as secondary V students for participating in the judging of the students’ projects.