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New Sec. 5 Biology Outing a Success – November 22, 2019

Twenty-five lucky senior science students had the chance to pursue their interest in Biology on Friday, November 22nd, at the McGill Campus. They started by visiting the beautiful Redpath Museum where they learned about Animal Biodiversity and Hominid Evolution. They then visited the exclusive and unique Maude Abbott Medical Museum in the Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry Building where over 250 items such as diseased and healthy preserved organs, medical instruments and anatomy models are displayed. Dr. Fraser, museum director and senior pathologist, was a fascinating and knowledgeable host. Dr. Fraser had actually just performed an autopsy that very morning. Students were able to ask him all kinds of questions gaining an understanding of the work pathologists do as well as a greater understanding of the human body. Mme Vien (organizer) and Mrs. Fasanella (accompanying science teacher) were impressed with the students’ level of interest. Indeed, the outing was a huge success and one they hope to repeat next year.