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Students and Staff Experience an Amazing International Experience in Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands – March 2018

Twenty-nine Sec. III to V students and four teachers (Miss Castaneda, Mr. Fequet, Mrs. Krespil and Mr. Lee) travelled to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands from Feb. 28th to March 8th, 2018. Some of the highlights included Santa Cruz Island, San Cristobal, a cultural tour of Quito and the Otavalo market. During their time at the Hacienda, a local farm and their base during the stay, students also had a chance to hang out with tortoises that were being rehabilitated. Snorkelling in the Islands and Kicker Rock was also a primary appeal for our WIC travellers! Imagine swimming with hammerhead sharks, schools of fish and sea turtles ̶ the entire experience was an amazing opportunity to observe underwater life. The trip was an adventure of a lifetime that will remain with the students and teachers forever!