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“You’re Worth It” Campaign at WIC

When WIC students, Erika Infantino and Chloe Tylbor, approached Mrs. Wolfe with the idea of a club that would raise awareness about social issues that teens face, they had no idea that one of the projects would gain so much recognition.

The club focused on various topics each month (awareness, school spirit, resolutions, giving, appreciation, anti-bullying, etc.)

The campaign, an initiative created by students Erika Infantino and Chloe Tylbor, has rolled out in several phases throughout the school year.

  • WIC invited guest speaker, Molly Burke, from Me to We to speak about her experience;
  • In class workshops;
  • Anti-bullying bracelets given out;
  • Team building activities;
  • Students and staff wore pyjamas to school to “Put Name Calling to Bed”;
  • Students and staff wore numbered shirts for “Everyone Counts Day”;

For October, anti-bullying month at the school, speakers were brought in, classroom workshops took place and WIC students, Igal Perets and Jordanna Khudaverdian, created a video called “You’re Worth It”.  This video’s message was so powerful that it is now helping educators across Canada raise awareness about bullying.

The campaign is an incredibly important student initiative that is supervised by the school counselor, Mrs. Kim Wolfe.

The video was such a success that it has become a nationwide resource on the STOP A BULLY website; a Canadian charity that educates students and teachers and assists victims report a bullying crime.