All students learn music in secondary I and II and can elect to continue music studies as they progress into the senior school.
Students perform what they learned in class at our seasonal concerts. The music class is composed of mostly wind and percussion instruments. In the first weeks, students have the opportunity to try each instrument and then the teacher will assign an instrument to the child for that year based on their skills and interest.


All students learn art in secondary I and II and can elect to continue art studies into the senior school. Art class will cover a variety or topics including graphic design.

The art club is very popular at WIC. Students meet after school and the year is divided into 4 modules: drawing, painting, ceramics and stained glass.


All students learn performing arts in secondary III and IV.  There are many opportunities to perform throughout the year as part of the curriculum and through our clubs. Students can take part in the Variety Show, theatre productions or showcase a hidden talent at our annual staff/student coffee house.