We take great pride in the successes of our alumni. We are pleased to report that 100% of our graduates are accepted into post-secondary studies and 97% are accepted into their first-choice school and first-choice program of study.

Our alumni membership is composed of graduates in an impressive variety of careers all over the world:

  • founders of multinational corporations;
  • bio-physicists, environmental chemists and other scientists;
  • writers and producers, actors and entertainers;
  • lawyers;
  • doctors;
  • business professionals.

Our graduates carry with them the values and beliefs that are instilled in them during their time at the College. They become responsible global citizens and caring and compassionate individuals.

Over the last decade, our Foundation has also been surveying WIC’s graduates, who consistently indicate that their time at WIC admirably prepared them for post-secondary studies.

If you are a graduate and would like your child to live the WIC experience, please ask us about our Alumni Advantage for 2nd generation students!