At West Island College, we believe that a uniform encourages a sense of WIC pride, school spirit and a sense of belonging in our students. The policy also allows the community at large to recognize our students as a group of young people who share a common ideal and goal: “the pursuit of personal excellence”.

All students are expected to arrive and depart from school wearing the school uniform. Students will wear the uniform, at all times, while in school.

Uniform Purchase

New Uniforms

To purchase a new uniform, please visit the following site for Top Marks, (password WIC01) our uniform supplier. 

Please find attached the information concerning placing your uniform order with Top Marks, for West Island College’s uniform for the 2022-2023 school year. Top Marks is asking for your cooperation in submitting orders by June 15, 2022, in order to guarantee delivery of your order, prior to the start of the school year.

These documents include the following:

  • Letter highlighting the online ordering process as well as a detailed account of the various steps of the process (in light of the showroom being closed).
  • Step by step instructions – Password WIC01 – (a simple Step 1-5 reference for parents to use).
  • Order forms and sizing charts.

Please direct any questions regarding sizing, delivery, etc to Top Marks directly.

Used Uniform Sale

Given the current situation, WIC will not be able to host a used uniform sale. Instead, we have set up the following Facebook group page for parents to use. The school will not be involved in the sale or purchase of uniforms. Kindly refer to the following terms of service. ALL items sold on this page must be the official Top Marks label and cannot be substituted.

Formal Uniform

Junior School (Secondary 1, 2)

● Green crested cardigan, with zipper (please note that cardigans with buttons are no longer permitted)
● Grey skort or grey pants (purchased from Top Marks)
● White shirt (no button-down collar) long- or short-sleeved shirts
● School tie
● Black tights or grey socks; socks that are worn with the skort should be knee-high 
● All-black polishable dress shoes (with leather or black soles) 

Senior School (Secondary 3, 4, 5)

For seniors, the green cardigan is replaced by a black, crested blazer. In addition, the skort is replaced by a tartan kilt. Pants remain the same for the senior school.

Summer Uniform

The summer uniform is permitted at the beginning and end of the school year. The exact dates are announced each year to the students. The summer uniform is optional.

Summer Uniform Junior School (Secondary 1, 2)

● White-crested West Island College polo shirt (purchased from Top Marks)
● Grey skort or grey pants (purchased from Top Marks)
● Black tights or grey socks; socks that are worn with the skort should be knee-high 
● All-black polishable dress shoes 

Physical Education Uniform

This uniform is to be worn for all physical education classes, team practices, and intramural competitions.

● Black-crested athletic shorts
● Crested grey t-shirt
● White socks
● Proper athletic footwear, of any colour with non-marking soles

The optional, black-crested sweatpants and sweatshirts are recommended for outdoor activities in late fall and early
spring. No other athletic wear is permitted to be worn on campus at any time.