What is the typical class size?

  • On average, there are 24 kids per class and 4 classes per grade.

What grade levels are taught at WIC?

  • WIC is a secondary school that teaches levels I-V (grade 7 to 11).

Is a certificate of eligibility required?

  • The French school does not require a certificate of eligibility. Students in this school will have all courses taught in French and will benefit from having mother tongue English instruction (as opposed to English as a second language). In addition, the social environment of the school is bilingual.
  • The English school requires a certificate of eligibility. To obtain a certificate or more information, please follow this link:  www.education.gouv.qc.ca

What is the difference between WIC's English and French schools?

The main difference between the two schools is that in the English school, Math, Science, Ethics and Study Methods are taught in English. The remaining courses are taught in French. They include: géographie, histoire, musique, arts plastiques, éducation physique and français. We offer two levels of French language instruction: français langue d’enseignement and français langue seconde enrichi, depending on your child’s placement. If your child does not have an English eligibility certificate, they are welcome to apply to our French school. In the French school,  all subjects are taught in French. Students in the French school also benefit from an enriched English language course rather than English as a second language.  Students from both schools seamlessly coexist in a bilingual environment.

How many hours of French and English instruction do secondary I students get in a typical week?

  • The number of hours of French instruction varies depending on the school. There are six (6) 54-minute period (classes) in a day.
  • There are 6 periods of français (langue seconde or maternelle) in a week.
  • There are 5 periods of English language arts in a week.

Do students have to choose an art option?

We offer musique art dramatique and arts plastiques to all students in secondary 1, 2 and 3.

How is technology used at WIC?

WIC offers students a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and students may come to school with a laptop or tablet of their choice.  Any windows based laptops (PC) must be equipped with up-to-date and effective antivirus software.

Is there a uniform?

  • Our school is divided into junior and senior students. There are different uniforms for the two categories. There is a formal and “summer” uniform. All uniforms are available through Top Marks and our used uniform sale each June.
  • A brand new uniform can cost approximately $500 (cardigan/blazer, white-crested polo shirt, sweater, pants or skirt/skort and phys. ed. uniform). Students are responsible for buying white blouses/dress shirts and black polishable dress shoes of their choice.
  • Please note that there is a WIC used uniform Facebook group where you may purchase some items in good condition at a fraction of the retail cost.

Is there transportation?

Our families also use a variety of transportation options:

  • The city bus # 208 stops in front of the school (at Tecumseh and Labrosse Street), which connects at Fairview Mall
  • Many people choose to share the driving by creating carpool with neighbouring students.
  • Bikes and scooters are allowed to park on campus at specified locations.

What is included in your fees?

In addition to those services prescribed by the MEES, WIC’s tuition includes training materials, report cards, costs associated with all ceremonies, excursions, field trips, and all other non-educational services including but not limited to lunchtime and after school supervision, individual or group tutoring, study groups, extra-help classes, outdoor education trips, extra-curricular activities, cost of transportation to and from all activities, association fees, cost of lodging and rental of equipment if applicable as well as the meal plan.  Please refer to our Fees Section for more details.

Do we have competitive sports teams?

Yes, WIC is part of the Greater Montreal Athletic Association (GMAA). We compete with all other member-schools, both public and private.

Where do most WIC students come from?

WIC students come from approximately 35 different private and public elementary schools in the West Island, St- Laurent, off-island and Laval.