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Outdoor Education – Winter Camping 2016


Our Outdoor Education Program organizes wilderness trips at every grade level. Students learn survival skills through camping, canoeing, snowshoeing and hiking. This is a program that has always been a part of what makes the West Island College experience so unique. Each year in February, students take part in an incredible winter camping trip.

Teachers link the student experiences to what is taught in the classroom, including writing and other forms of artistic expression, as well as the application of science, math and geography concepts. The benefits of learning outside the classroom are immeasurable.

Our winter campers returned to school on Friday, February 19, 2016 after four days of cross country skiing and building and sleeping in snow shelters,  known as quinzhees. Animators and teachers help students bond with one another and learn more about themselves through various outdoor and co-operative games. This a wonderful opportunity for each student to step out of their comfort zone and try something that simply doesn’t occur in everyday life.

This outdoor education trip, which takes place for Secondary III students each year, provides the students with the opportunity to develop skiing skills, learn about winter survival and general outdoor living, as well as develop leadership and cooperative skills and have fun!

Thank you to the teachers who accompanied our happy campers;

Mme Simard, Mr. Reid, Ms. Johnson, Mr. Merritt, M. Fequet, M. Paradis and Mme Rheaume

November for Nets


“Malaria kills one child every 30 seconds, for sale about 3000 children every day. Over one million people die from malaria each year, mostly children under five years of age, with 90 per cent of malaria cases occurring in Sub-Saharan Africa.”


On Tuesday, November 24th, students from the Interact Club will be raising funds through a “Free Dress” day to help prevent malaria for children in Africa. Proceeds will go toward the purchase of nets for beds.

November for Nets

Senior Optional Camping Biking Trip takes Students through two Provinces

From September 24th to 26th, 19 secondary 4 and 5 students took part in their outdoor education experience. The students along with Mr. Leone, Mr. Nantel and Mr. Fequet camped for two nights at Voyageur Provincial Park in Ontario. This year for the first time, biking was introduced as the main activity. The big challenge for the students was Friday’s bike excursion of 55 kilometers that lead them through the towns of Hawkesbury, Grenville, Carillon, Pointe Fortune and back to the park. Highlights of the ride were crossing through two provinces, the Carillon hydroelectric dam, and taking the ferry to PointeFortune. Everyone successfully completed the loop and had lots of fun taking pictures along the way. Other activities that the students participated in were swimming, football and a hike in the park on Saturday morning to wrap up the trip.

We Day

Eight of WIC’s student leaders were lucky to be invited to this year’s WE Day which took place on Tuesday at Théâtre St-Denis.

We Day is an annual stadium-sized event which takes place in major cities across Canada and the U.S.  You can’t buy a ticket for this event, you must earn it.  We Day brings together world-renowned speakers, performers, cultural icons and musicians with thousands of youth to motivate them into action!

Free The Children, Me to We, We Act and We Day all share the same goal: to empower a generation to shift the world from “me” to “we”  -from a focus on the individual to the power of community.

Our students were really pumped for the event and will start implementing their ideas immediately!
For more information on We Day:


“You’re Worth It” Campaign at WIC

When WIC students, Erika Infantino and Chloe Tylbor, approached Mrs. Wolfe with the idea of a club that would raise awareness about social issues that teens face, they had no idea that one of the projects would gain so much recognition.

The club focused on various topics each month (awareness, school spirit, resolutions, giving, appreciation, anti-bullying, etc.)

The campaign, an initiative created by students Erika Infantino and Chloe Tylbor, has rolled out in several phases throughout the school year.

  • WIC invited guest speaker, Molly Burke, from Me to We to speak about her experience;
  • In class workshops;
  • Anti-bullying bracelets given out;
  • Team building activities;
  • Students and staff wore pyjamas to school to “Put Name Calling to Bed”;
  • Students and staff wore numbered shirts for “Everyone Counts Day”;

For October, anti-bullying month at the school, speakers were brought in, classroom workshops took place and WIC students, Igal Perets and Jordanna Khudaverdian, created a video called “You’re Worth It”.  This video’s message was so powerful that it is now helping educators across Canada raise awareness about bullying.

The campaign is an incredibly important student initiative that is supervised by the school counselor, Mrs. Kim Wolfe.

The video was such a success that it has become a nationwide resource on the STOP A BULLY website; a Canadian charity that educates students and teachers and assists victims report a bullying crime.

Science Fair Success


Secondary III student, David Ballas, focuses on one of Quebec’s toughest challenges: potholes, and gains all kinds of media attention. Ballas won the Gold Medal at WIC’s Science Fair on February 4, 2015, and will be headed to the Hydro Quebec Montreal Regional Science and Technology Fair in March.

Watch the Global TV interview

Watch the CBC TV interview (forward to the 26:50 mark)

Watch the City TV Breakfast Television interview

Listen to the CBC.ca podcast

Listen to the CJAD podcast

Montreal Gazette interview

And it all began with an article in the West Island Blog, by Rhonda Massad.

Athletes of the Month



Athlete Jan

A second year player on this year’s Bantam Girls basketball team, Nikki has demonstrated strong leadership qualities. She is always one of the first girls in the gym and leads by example – by working very hard on both her offensive and defensive game.

As a first year Basketball player on a Bantam Boys team, Jonathan has shown tremendous improvement from the start of the season. He rebounds the ball well and finishes strong around the basket.

A senior on the Juvenile Girls basketball team, Navpreet has consistently improved her game in each of her three years as a juvenile player. She is an aggressive rebounder and scores the ball well in traffic.

A senior on the Juvenile Boys basketball team, Ryan has played some very good basketball for the Voyageurs this year. His ability to get to the free throw line and his outside shooting make him a lethal player on offensive side of the ball.

Athlete Oct 2014

WIC Gets a Little Greener in 2015

The WIC environmental club, the Green Warriors, have made it their mission to introduce environmentally
responsible practices whenever possible. This year alone, their projects have included Fundraising to
adopt a baby black bear at the Eco museum, recycling/collecting spent batteries and the winter clothing

Now in January, we are proud to inform you that our cafeteria caterer, Phoenix Group, will no longer be
using disposable plastic utensils in the WIC cafeteria. Instead, students will be using stainless steel
cutlery on a daily basis.

The new utensils are the washed twice at an extremely high temperature, sanitized and rinsed in an
industrial dishwasher to ensure proper sterilization.
This new initiative will eliminate the disposal of over 150,000 plastic utensils annually!
The Green Warriors introduced this new initiative to students at an assembly held in December.

Thank you to the Green Warriors for your commitment to making WIC a greener place and to Alex
Morselli and the staff of Phoenix Group for making it all possible!

Me to We at WIC

December 11 2014, cheap MeToWe had their first fundraiser. To a huge success, cheap 100 bags of Kernels Popcorn were sold and 6 goats were bought! These goats are given to Kenyan families which provide them a source of nutritious milk and a sustainable income. It opens a world of possibilities for a family. Throughout the year, sovaldi Rafiki chains will be sold and the first order has already been shipped in! A Rafiki chain is a bracelet that is hand crafted by Massai Mamas in Kenya. Earnings from each chain empower these Mamas to support their families and become leaders in their communities. From school supplies, to clean water, medical care; proceeds from each $10 chain make a lasting impact. Also, as the school year continues, there will be several other fundraisers such as an all girls’ slumber party April 17, a mimic water walk later in spring, We Are Silent Day and more to come!

Thank you for all the support.

Chloe & Erika