Students are continuing their studies through distance learning and all of our teachers and administrative staff are working remotely.

Any inquiries can be sent via email through our Staff Directory or by calling (514) 683-4660.

Our campus is closed, but our students’ learning continues.

Please note that in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, West Island College

will be closed  until September 2020.

Students are continuing their studies through distance learning and all of our teachers and administrative staff are working remotely.

Any inquiries can be sent via email through our staff directory 

or by calling (514) 683-4660.



Staff Directory


Michel Lafrance, B. Ed., M. Ed., CAIS L.D. [Headmaster]
Lise Lafontaine, B. Com., M.B.A. [Director of Finance & Operations]
Lori Belair, B.A., M. Ed. [Director of Studies, Level Director Secondary IV and V]
Émilie Simard, B.A., B. Ed. [Director of Student Services, Level Director Secondary I and II]
Sylvie Bastien, B. Ed., D.E.S.S.  [Director of Professional Growth, Level Director Secondary III]

Support Staff

Tatiana Deveau, B.Sc. [Admissions Officer]
Karen Read [Special Events Coordinator]
Elana Richter [Accounting Officer]
Elizabeth Stafiej, B.A. [Marketing & Communications Officer]

Advancement Office

Melanie Richter, M.B.A., CFRE [Director of Advancement and Alumni Engagement]
Gwen Fox, B.A. [Advancement Officer]

Student Services

Angeliki Argyrakos, B.A., M.A. [Multimedia educational technology technician]
Allyson Cooperman, B.A., M.A. [Learning specialist]
Lise Lavoie, [Academic Coordinator]
Emma Mangas, B.Sc., D.E.S.S. [Lab Technician]
Kristin Morse, B.A., M.A., c.o. [Guidance Counsellor]
Teresa Muro, [Executive assistant]
Jennifer Peters, [Administrative assistant]
Tara Sadeh, B.Ed, M. Ed. [Learning specialist]

Building & Grounds

Réjean Larivée [Building Superintendent]


Victor Abravanel, B. Ed. M.A. Educational Leadership [Math, Science]
Moustafa Al-Hilli, B. Ed. [Science]
Sandra Alves, B.A., B. Ed. [Français]
Gaëtane Baraby, B.A., B. Ed., M. Ed [Sciences Sociales]
Karim Benmbarek, B.Ed. [Musique]
Cassandra Benneter, B.Ed. [Student Life Animator]
Cleoshyra Castaneda,  B.Ed. [Physical Education]
Julie Coderre, B.F.A., Dip. Ed. [Art]
Alessia Fasanella, B.Ed. [English, Science]
Patrick Fequet, B.A., B. Ed., M. Ed [Experiential Education Coordinator, Social Sciences]
Émilie Fouillet,  B.Ed.,  [Français]
Marianne Giasson, B.A.  [Français]
Christina Grivas, B. Ed. [English]
Reyana HadefB.Sc., M.A. Teaching & Learning [Mathematics]
Geneviève Harrisson, B. Ed. [Français]
Donna Hastings, B.A., Dip. Ed, M.A. [English]
Sandra Johnson, B.Ed. [Physical Education]
Enikö Kiefer, B.A., Dip. Ed., M.T.M. [Mathematics]
Annie Krespil, B.A., B. Ed. [English]
Élodie Lauzière, B.A., B.Ed. [Français]
Andrew Lee, B. Ed., B. Comp. Sci. [Mathematics]
Steve Lisogurski, B. A., B. Ed. [Mathematics]
Philippe Marsolais, B. A., Dip. Ed. [Science]
Christopher Merritt, B.A., B.Ed., M.A. Educational Leadership [English, Social Sciences & Athletics Coordinator]
Fiona Myers, B.Ed. [English, Theatre]
Élie Nader, B.Ed., Civil Eng. [Mathématiques]
Patrice Nantel, B.Sc., Dip.Ed. [Science]
Glenn Neill, B. Ed. [Sciences Sociales, Physical Education & Coordinator of Student Leadership]
Chloé Ouimet, [Mathématiques]
Alexandre Paradis, B.Ed. [Français]
Marie-Joëlle Rhéaume, B.Ed. [Mathematics]
Marie-Josée Rufiange, B.Mus., B.Ed., M.Music [Musique]
Zachery Kiss-Rusk, [Student Life Animator]
Alexandra Santamaria, B. Ed. [History, Social Sciences]
Cindy Segal, B.A., B.Ed. [English, Ethics, Outreach and Community Service Coordinator]
Noah Stevens, B.A., C.E.S., M.Sc. [Sciences Sociales]
Anthony Suppa, B.Ed. [Physical Education and Health, Student life animator]
Allan Tabatchnick, B.Sc., Dip.Ed., M.Ed. [Science]
Carissa Tapia, B.Ed. [Student Life Animator]
Jason Thompson, B.A., B.Ed. [English, Social Sciences, Physical Education]
Valerie Vien, B.Sc., B.Ed., Grad. Dip. [Science]