Board of Directors

WIC’s Board of Directors is comprised of parents, staff and alumni who meet monthly to ensure that the school is achieving its mission and implementing the current strategic plan (2014-2019).

Members of the Board of Directors

Lorne Schwartz [President]
Howard Messias [Past President]
Robert Boyle [Treasurer]
Steven Sitcoff [Secretary]
Michel Lafrance [Headmaster]
Lise Lafontaine [Director of Finance & Operations]
Tim Cox [Parent Member]
David Druker [Parent Member]
Pamela Small Freger [Parent Member]
Lee Shulkin [Parent Member]
Steven Slimovitch [Parent Member]
David Holzmuller [Foundation President]


The Board of Directors’ mandate is to oversee the global operations of the school. It is comprised of members elected at the Annual general meeting, the immediate Past President of the Board, the President of the West Island College Foundation, the Founder, the Head of School and the Director of Finance & Operations of the school.

Committees of the Board include, but are not limited to, Nominating, Planning, Budget, Finance & Audit, Standards & Practices, Employee Attraction & Retention and Security.  Parents are invited to participate in this essential part of the school’s governance by submitting their application to the Nominating Committee during the election period, held in October.